Building Project Summary


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  1. ¨Daniel Asante

  2. ¨Rev. Robert Ofosuhene Darkoh

  3. ¨Albert  Yirenkyi

  4. ¨Felix Kusi Kwasi

  5. ¨Owusu Nti

  6. ¨Godfred Adomako

  7. ¨Hannah Amponsem

  8. ¨Sandra  Abankwa

  9. ¨Solomon  Frimpong

  10. ¨Zara Kusi  

  11. ¨Daniel  Hlordzi

  12. ¨Charles Otu Amattey

  13. ¨Daniel Assoku

  14. ¨Mr K. Kankam

  1. In June 2009, an ad hoc committee was formed by the church Board, to conduct a survey into the building of a new sanctuary or finding a place of worship to suit the needs of the growing congregation and the community, as a whole.

  2.  2010 - Committee report recommended the building of a new sanctuary.

  3. November 2011 - Formed a five-member building project committee to scout for land.

  4. January 2012 - Purchase of an 18+ acres land for $330,000.

  5. District Board of Church Location and Building met with the leadership of EUMC, visited site, reviewed and approved purchase.

  6. Blostein/Bart overly architects hired to develop concepts/schematic designs after a brain storming session with the entire congregation.

  7. Church Charge conference in July 2013 for project commencement approval chaired by the District Superintendent.

  8. Project to be done in Phases.

  1. Phase one - 28,000sf multi-purpose community and Education building

  2. Phase two - 44,000sf Chapel, Sanctuary to seat 1500 and administration building.

  1. Reconstitution of the project committee into a 9-member Committee in August 2013.

  2. In November 2013, Land owner donated adjourning 5+ acres to make it a total of 23+ acres.

  3. Approval granted for tax exempt status effective January 2015. Payment plan for back taxes (2012-2014).

  4. January 2015 – Completed land parcel consolidation.

  5. Appointed a retired clergy of the UMC, Rev Mike Johnson and Bart overly of Blostein/Bart overly architects to serve on the committee as ex-officio members.

  6. Updates/changes made on plan - 2016

  1. Phase 0.5 - 225 parking lot, land scape,150 seat multi-purpose chapel/offices/rest rooms

  2. Phase 1.0 - 1000 seat sanctuary with education and library component.

  3. Phase 2.0 Multipurpose community, clinic and education building

  1. In February, Congregation was informed of new updates.

  2. March, 2016 – Met with District Board of church Location  and Building to provide project updates.

  3. Formation of a 7-member subcommittee for Capital Campaign Launch.

  4.  June 11th 2016- Final approval for architect drawings.

  5. July 3rd 2016- To launch a $5,000,000 Capital Campaign by Resident Bishop of the West Ohio Conference.