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Grants & Scholarships 

We appreciate your interest in a scholarship from Next Generations Leadership at Ebenezer United Methodist Church. Based on available funds, few different scholarship opportunities are available for undergraduate students attending accredited institutions of higher education. We also have scholarship opportunities for adults in institutions of higher learning. 

Please read through them and find the one which best meet your needs and qualification.

"An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge." Proverbs 18:15


  • To encourage EUMC members to realize the dream of pursuing higher education, this will allow members to have a positive impact on the Church and society as a whole.  

  • To help members attain a higher education through scholarship, mentorship, and other programs available through the committee.  


ELIGIBILITY: (must satisfy the following three conditions)

  • A professed member of EUMC**. 

  • A contributing member of EUMC (physically and/or financially)  

  • A Current student of a higher institution (Certificate, Undergraduate or Graduate) 



  • A Completed Application  

  • A Five paragraph essay, stating why that program and the need for financial assistance. 

  • Proof of transcript (GPA not less than 3.0) 



  • 3rd Friday of  July   


  • The education committee of EUMC will pay half the cost of books for the semester (up to $1,000.00)  

  • Applicant should receive written notification of acceptance within eight weeks after the deadline above 


Download PDF file

NOTE: The number of grants awarded annually is dependent upon the amount of funds available.

**A baptized or confirmed person who has taken vows declaring the Christian faith. 
**A transfer member from other churches professed after teaching. 

To apply for a Scholarship:  Type directly into the application, you must save the document to your computer and open using free Adobe Reader rather than opening in your web browser.

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