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Young Adults


The Young Adult Ministry of Ebenezer United Methodist Church (EUMC) is designed to teach the young adults to live for Jesus Christ and to sustain their interest in thechurch and to develop them to becomethe future leaders of God’s church and to train members to evangelize to other peers who are without Christ.



The vision of this ministry is to build holistic-trained young adults who are devoted to Christ, bring others to him and also actively involved in the church and Community in which they live.



The Young Adult Ministry is created to mobilize and equip the young adult to love for Christ, make Him known and impact the church and the community.



The activities of the group includes studying the scriptures, prayers, outreach, church, cleaning, and a lot of indoor games. Brotherly love is our hallmark to fulfill Jesus’ prayer in john 17:21 “that they may be one”. The group is open to every young person in The Church of Christ. 

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